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Dental Cleanings and Preventive Care

The best way to look after your dental and oral health is to brush and floss your teeth daily and schedule regular appointments with your dentist.


Whether it’s your first appointment in a while or you’re a regular patient with Lupine Dental, each check-up is carried out with the same level of care and attention to detail. We strive to make a visit to the dentist a pleasant experience and want to help each patient reach their smile goals.

What to expect at your check-up

A regular oral exam is the best way for your dentist to keep track of your dental health. They can spot early signs of tooth decay, gum recession or other issues before they start causing pain or problems with your teeth.

At your first exam, your dentist will go over your dental and medical history, as well as finding out about any specific worries or problems you may have. Full X-rays will also be taken if this is your first appointment with us or if you haven’t had X-rays taken in the last few years.

As well as taking a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth, gums and bite, your Lupine Dental dentist will also check the soft tissue, bone and surrounding areas of your jaw, neck and head.

If any issues are found, your dentist will go over a recommended treatment plan and all the options you may have.

Dental cleanings

While you may have a good brushing and flossing routine at home, it’s still important to get professional dental cleanings to get rid of plaque and tartar that build up over time. Dental cleanings provide the following benefits:

  • They can prevent cavities forming
  • Cleanings can prevent or treat gingivitis and improve gum health
  • Some stains can be removed, leaving your teeth looking their best
  • A clean mouth helps support your overall health

Usually a dental cleaning consists of a few steps:

  • Removal of plaque above and below the gum line
  • Flossing
  • Polishing the teeth
  • Rinsing to remove any residue

The importance of regular preventive care

Scheduling check-ups with your dentist at least every 6 months is beneficial not only to your oral health, but to your health as a whole. Coming in for regular appointments allows dentists to spot any potential problem areas before they have a chance to get worse. Lupine Dental can also provide information on how to maintain a great oral health routine at home and can offer advice on any other dental questions you may have.


While you may brush and floss your teeth thoroughly every day, it’s never possible to get rid of all the bacteria that likes to flourish in the mouth so a professional dental cleaning is the only way to reach into every space and crevice.

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